My Horse just ate a plastic bag…Now what???

This horse is going to give me gray hairs! My first mistake was forgetting that I had a sandwich bag with a few carrot pieces laying in the top of my tack box. My second mistake was leaving my tack box open as I walked off to asses the placement of my make shift round pen for my training session with Marina.

 I left Athena tied to one post of the cross ties, not unlike I have done many times before. She was looking curiously at me as I walked outside the gate. I didn’t think twice. I didn’t hear any noise, any movement, no warning that she was getting into something. 

After deciding that yes, this area would work perfectly to set up my round pen, I turned around to walk back to Athena.  To my shock and panic, as I turned around staring right at me was Athena, with the last corner of the plastic bag sticking out of her mouth. I ran to her, trying to catch her before she swallowed the bag. But, it was too late.  Chomp chomp chomp and it was gone.

Now what???? A bit panicked and still in a mild state of shock about what had just happened  I whipped out my phone and googled “ my horse just ate a plastic bag, now what?”  Much to my surprise, I’m not the only one to have this happen.  I’m not sure if I should find this comforting or terrifying. Lol The comments on the forums ranged from “call your vet immediately” to “my horse did that too and he is fine., with more comments and blog posts stating the latter. I decided that what was done was done and there wasn’t any reason to call the vet as there wasn’t anything they could do at this point anyway.  We continued on with our lesson that afternoon and I’ve been watching her like a hawk. Many of the posts said the owners found the plastic bag in poop a few days to weeks later, others said there horse was fine, but they never found anything. 

It’s been 5 days now and she is fine. She is eating, drinking and being as fiesty as ever. She has been running up and down the pasture when my friend takes her horses for a trail ride and hasn’t displayed any signs of colic or distress. Everyday I’m scouring her pasture, kicking a part poop piles in hopes I’ll see the plastic bag. So far no luck. So typical. LOL  Looking at the bright side… I’m getting more exercise walking up and down in rows trying to find all the most recent poo piles, and spreading it out so it actually breaks down faster. I’m the human harrower. Ha Ha Shall we say # life of a horse owner.  I have decided no more plastic bags at the pasture and have done some research on biodegradable bags and paper bag alternatives. If you care to check them out too, I’ve listed them below. Always a learning experience being a horse owner. 

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